Supporting Progress While Encouraging Your Best Results

“Enable great success by empowering the drive within.”~ Tara Leske

Helping clients reach their success by setting goals, taking action, and staying accountable! 

My passion is to help both business owners and individuals notice their strengths to increase income, build their confidence and balance work with lifestyle.

You will notice that I ‘Walk the Walk’. My values of communication, authenticity, and balanced lifestyle are part of my daily life.

I understand and appreciate routine but it is important for me to also make time for myself to have fun and make experiences memorable.

Together we can find your balance in work and life. Let’s work toward bringing you better work/life balance and goal setting with the power of accountability.

I look forward to helping you develop your strengths to succeed in various areas of your personal and professional life!

Tara Leske, ​Success Coach

About Tara

Isn’t it amazing how much we go through and still it takes time to learn to trust our instincts, that gut feeling. Then it takes even longer to gain the confidence to move forward in an authentic way.

I’ve been through a lot, just like you

Just like most people, I have been through a lot. I have been through marriage, divorce, and single parenthood. I have loved and lost. It put me through a lot of emotional and intellectual stress, as well as financial stress.

It took years to build myself to the person I wanted to be. I began listening to that gut feeling and seeing the signs around me that were pointing in the right direction all along. I met a wonderful man, joined Erickson College, and began changing my life around.

Then we were hit with another difficult challenge, infertility. It was a very emotional time. An easy time to get caught up in the stress of the matter. I knew I wanted to take things into my own hands. I gained the confidence to admit my vulnerabilities, to share with my partner, and to move forward in the way that best suited me. In he face of this challenge my relationship grew stronger and my will to do the best for me also grew. Our unity and perseverance paid off. After a couple years of pain, hardship, and treatment we were blessed with a little girl.

I have learned how to be strong, yet vulnerable. How to change my emotions to logic. How to be confident in my abilities and trust my instincts.

What I want to give to you!

Being authentic to myself and going in the direction that feels right is my easiest and most rewarding path. I want to share this with you. To coach you to believe in yourself and live to your best authentic self. This will help you learn to train your intuition to speak louder. You will become more confident in your abilities and decisions. You will be more passionate about achieving your goals.

  • Coach Member, International Coach Federation (ICF).
  • Erickson Alumni, trained at ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level.
  • Certified Coaches Federation Certificate.
  • Accounting Diploma from Grant MacEwan Community College.
  • Business, Marketing, and Design Courses through Athabasca University and NAIT.