I Nearly Died! Story of a Cliff Hanger

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” ~ Neale Donald Walsch

Over the past year I have watched my helpless 7 lb 5 oz daughter so tiny in my arms grow into a 20 lb almost one year old. She now has ideas and solutions to problems. It started small. A little roll. A tiny giggle. Then turned into crawling and walking with furniture. The little problem solver even moved a toy to use as a step to get on the couch yesterday.

Each bit of progress gives her more excitement, more life. Imagine how boring things would be if she never learned or experienced anything new. We can all take a lesson from her about moving forward and making things happen.

Today’s Idea: Get out of your comfort zone

The Comfort Zone

Oh man do I love my comfort zone. It is truly a safe place for me. No allergens. No injuries. I can truly relax.

It can be a lonely place though. Have you ever sat in your chair and looked around to see that every night you hold the same routine? That you go to the same restaurants. Watch the same shows. See the same people.

When was the last time you changed things up? I love my comfort zone but I also love meeting new people and sometimes trying new things.  I am like many of you who want to take that inner curiosity and let it out. Explore new horizons. Try something a little bit out of my comfort zone.

I nearly died!

Some of you may know I hold many quirks. One of which is my terrible fear of heights. This summer it was my idea to go for a walk up the Cardinal Divide. A group of us did the 1.5 km hike up a mountain, climbing over 180 metres. It was tiring and as we neared the top it got steeper and steeper. Once thought about what would happen when I reached the top. I imagined I would stand there and look around peacefully.

Instead, I nearly died! At least I thought I was going to. The view was great… through my camera! I couldn’t go closer than 10 feet to the ridge without having a full blown panic attack. It was hard enough to keep from freaking out  because all of my friends were standing right along the top divide. I was terrified of losing them.

I survived but this challenge has taught me a lot. It showed I can persevere through my deep fears.

It also showed me how irrational I was being. Would you believe that 5 minutes after reaching the top a friend got up and hopped off the ridge!!!  From my angle (see picture) I didn’t see there was a slight drop down to more safe ground. All I saw was cliff.

I Challenge You…

Challenging myself helps me experience so much; I get to see from other perspectives, do something daring, or try something different and it brings more acceptance of myself and others. The best part is that it is often exciting and fun and I gain confidence in my abilities.

I challenge you to try something different. 

Whether it be trying new food, meeting someone new, or exploring something scary to you.

Do it this week.

Then report back with your story on what you did and your experience by email tara@createabilitycoaching.com or post a comment below.


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