Getting Started… Again!

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

It has been a while since I have sat down to write much. Some of you may know that we have added to our family. We have a beautiful daughter that blesses us with a great attitude and happy smile every day. Now that she is a year old it is time to dust off the keyboard, plug in the headphones, and get started… again.

Getting started isn’t always easy but it sure is exciting. As the kids go back to school it is time for me to get back to my passion of helping others reach their dreams.

There are always so many things to do when you begin a project, even when you pick up from earlier as I am now. Here are a few ways that I get moving in the right direction:

  • Define my intent. Knowing my end goal will help me to figure out the steps I need to get there.
  • Break it into small pieces. Having smaller chunks to tackle allows me to consider the time and resources I might need to accomplish the smaller task. This helps me to schedule it.
  • Prioritize. Often there are ‘nice to have’ items on my to-do list and ‘must haves’. Focusing on the urgent or must haves allows bigger progress to happen.
  • Action and accountability. Work on the to-do list regularly.

The biggest thing I do is HIRE A COACH.

I know, I know… I am a coach and should have all of the answers, right?

Actually, as a coach I am aware that having the assistance of another professional is just as beneficial to me as it is to you. Being coached allows me to totally focus on my tasks and resources that I have available. It gives me dedicated time to focus on my needs. It also gives me an outlet where I am accountable to my progress.

It is an exciting process that can see extreme results. If you are looking to improve somewhere in your life, this is the place to do it. Read prior, current, and future blogs. Develop your skills. Book your own coaching session.


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