Efficiency and Organization in Life

Organization isn’t about perfection. It’s about efficiency, reducing stress & clutter, saving time & money, & improving your overall quality of life.” – Christina Scalise


My goal is to empower each and every one of you to make the most of your life. Stop repetition that doesn’t serve you and utilize resources that are around you to be more efficient.

I would like to share an example of how simple changes can effect your day in a positive way:

This began last week when I opened the mail to find a letter from the school containing a Grade 7 supplies list.  I began to think of the long list of things I needed to pick up. The thought of full parking lots, tight aisles, crowds of parents and children, and long lines to pay began to wear on me.

I hoped to find a way to improve the situation. I began by asking myself a few questions.

  • Why? Why does this stress me out? I prefer to stay away from crowds and don’t like to feel I am wasting my time.
  • How? How can I change this to make the outcome better? I could choose to wait longer or find a better place to get supplies.
  • When? Must be done before school starts.
  • Where? Could get from office supply store, major dept. store, or online

I began to think about efficiency and costs. I live in a metropolitan area so driving to the store is not out of my way or a challenge. I prefer not to deal with crowds but did not want to worry about shipping charges.

I did not want to assume anything and decided to see what was offered online. I found two stores that offered office supplies. That with a minimum order shipping would be free. Each store had a few items that were on the list that the other didn’t have. Each had some deals but one’s deals weren’t available online.

I weighed out my options. What was the best situation for my scenario? I decided I would do online ordering but then flyers with the deals came in. Well, that changed everything. Being a frugal mother, I decided to drive down to the office supply store and begin my shopping.

Parking was at a premium. Somehow I found a prime parking spot near the door. In I walked with my list in hand. Grabbed one of the four carts that were available and began trying to squeeze tit between the crowded aisles. So many school supplies, how can I not be finding what I am looking for? I spent 10 minutes with my list and cart and only had three of the twenty items.

I noticed people in the way and things in various bins across the store. My anxiety rose as I began to imagine it taking me at least an hour in looking for supplies. Then would come dealing with the line up for the cashier. Even better, I would get to do it all again at the next place that carries the items this one doesn’t. I swiftly put back the three items and that cart and made my way back to the car and drove home. There must be a better way! 

This morning as the sun shone into the house I made myself a coffee and plunked myself down in front of the computer. I pulled up the two webpages and began my search one item at a time and comparing prices. I found what I was looking for and ordered from both locations with NO SHIPPING fees. No crowds, no stress, no delay. I will have one order tomorrow and the next early next week. A full week before school starts.

Could have been more efficient by just going straight online to order? You bet. Could have saved money by shopping at the stores? Once considering my time and fuel, I’m not sure. What I did do was save myself from a headache and stress in a situation that would have lasted at least an hour and a half.

Time is money. Happiness is life. This might seem like a small efficiency to some but it was a huge success for me.

Please comment below and share a story of where you found a way to do things better!


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