Celebrations and Discounts!

“The birth of a child is the bliss of joyous celebration of new human being.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

What to Expect

This post is going to be short and sweet. I will share my newest celebrations with you and offer you great deals to help you celebrate with me!

I am eager to see you flourish and thrive in life and want to support you in your journey. By the end of the article you will discover my newest successes as well as reap the benefit in savings and activities to help you CREATE YOUR SUCCESS!

My Life Celebrations!

Some might say my celebrations were brought by a stork. Some might say they arrived via amazing staff at the Misericordia Hospital. This week we celebrated a one month milestone of the birth of our twin boys. As you can see by the photo, we have two healthy handsome men to love on and hold. I would like to add how wonderful all staff were and how special the NICU nurses are!

I get to soak in the new baby smell, admire tiny toes, and absorb little snuggles all day every day; between the chaos of feedings and diaper changes.

My Work Celebrations!

It has been 5 years since I completed the Modules at Erickson Business Centre and became a Life Coach. I have coached a variety of clients, all looking to achieve various goals but with the common ground of wanting better for themselves.

The highly successful clients were ones who took their situation seriously and followed through on what they wanted to achieve. They looked at how their current goal would affect all areas of their life and how they could make it fit.

I want this success for you so I am offering the following deals.

5 Year Anniversary Deals!

Every Month – A Different Deal!

I want to celebrate in the best way that I can. By offering bonuses and deals to motivate you to get on track.

  • December 2018: 25% off Coaching Packages
    • BONUS: Add extra sessions to your package or purchase sessions for someone else, all at 25% off regular price.
  • January 2019: 20% off Coaching Packages
  • February 2019: 15% off Coaching Packages  
  • March 2019: 10% off Coaching Packages 

We still offer a FREE 30 minute consultation session so you can get a glimpse into what a coaching session is like, book yours today!

Business Hour changes

I am sure you can imagine how busy the days can get. I am offering coaching sessions in the afternoon/evening to ensure you get the dedicated attention you deserve. Limited space available!

Sign up for coaching and work on specific areas in your life by clicking the link below.

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